What is your superpower?

roar! tame the bully Nov 29, 2019

While away on a high-performance coaching certification course last week, my thoughts turned towards gratitude and found myself pondering how far I've come in the last 12 months, since the last one. I can't quite believe it and am still pinching myself just to make sure I am here on planet earth on the 29 November 2019. 

I remember doing an exercise with one of my coaches where I was challenged to discover my superpower, my unique ability, the thing that could be described as unconscious competence.

'What is the thing that you do easily that others are in awe of?'

hmmm .. 

Things that seem to come naturally to you..

Things you have mastered over the years..

Things that others find hard..

Wow, what a question!

What's yours?

Well if you are anything like me, I started off saying well I'm a woman .. how's that for a superpower? lol, yes while that brings a unique ability to us ladies, it's not what this exercise was all about. 

I realised that I had become really good at key tasks I had done repetitively, they had become second nature to me. Things like making decisions based on facts and figures, communicating with my team to bring the best out in them and get the job done, to always being kind to those around me. Are any of these my superpower? 

With this thought process came the most incredible feeling of gratitude. Yes for my journey, the hard times and the fun times. For my mental and physical health. For the people, I've met along the way. For my beautiful family and my friends. For my dog Stella who just loves me without condition. For my past and at the same time grateful feelings of anticipation for what the next 12 months will bring. To that instant where I realised I just needed to sit and be happy in the moment I was living right there .. 

Gratitude is such a powerful thing ..

This in itself is a superpower, something to practise daily and master ..

Have you figured out your superpower? 

What are you grateful for my friend?

- Marilise

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