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Our approach is holistic - it's about making your whole life work - as follows:



Get absolute clarity on your purpose.
Design a life you love.




Silence your inner bully.  Find the courage to speak your truth. Face difficult conversations head-on.




Stand in your power. Build your resilience. Positively influence yourself and others.  


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⚪ Are you in a job where you feel anxious and stressed all the time?

⚪ Are you working all hours, exhausted and missing out on life?

⚪ Do you feel like you're in a toxic environment working with toxic people?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help.

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It's time to find your ROAR!

Alison Wilkinson 

Financial Services Director 

"I had just been made redundant and my confidence was at an all time low. The ROAR! Signature Programme came along at the perfect time. If you have lost your voice and are unsure of who you are, then this is the perfect programme, and Marilise the perfect coach. Her book ROAR! gave me a solid foundation, and this programme brings it all together with a great structure and approach. I reconnected with my inner self. I have the confidence to shine again."

Find your ROAR... with Marilise


ROAR! the Book

How to tame the bully inside and out

Dealing with a bully can be a slippery slope. Most people either keep quiet or leave quietly, so the abuser gets away with it - time and time again.

This book aims to inspire readers with the confidence and courage to speak up and find their ROAR!

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ROAR! the Masterclass

Face your inner and outer bully

Your best life is on the other side of your biggest obstacle. If you are ready to face it - no matter what - then this masterclass is right for you.

Come along and be inspired to find your ROAR! 

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ROAR! 6 Week Course

Find your ROAR! - at your own pace!

This course shows you how to:
1) connect with your purpose,
2) master your mindset,
3) get energy for life, and
4) find your ROAR!

Do the exercises to help you along on your path to a successful, fulfilled and healthy life.

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ROAR! Signature Programme

Realise your full potential 

Are you a female executive? Are you tired of burning the candle at both ends? Do you feel overlooked or undervalued?

This virtual group coaching programme running over 12 weeks will help you get the work success you want without sacrificing your health, relationships and happiness.

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ROAR! 1:1 Executive Coaching

Certified High Performance Coaching

Do you want to take back control of your life? Are you ready to step into your power?

This is a science backed process to help you reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in 5 areas: Clarity | Energy | Courage | Productivity | Influence.

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ROAR! for organisations

For leaders and managers

Do you want to create safe and inclusive cultures where your people can thrive? Do you want your people to feel safe to speak up? Do you want to stamp out toxic behaviours?

Your organisations success depends on your people performing at their best.

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