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roar! tame the bully Nov 06, 2019

Sometimes it has to get worse to get better, ever heard that?

That poxy cold that is hanging around or the flu you just can't shake. The challenging situation you are encountering. When faced with health issues, we ask for help from a professional, but when it comes to facing an issue with mindset or feeling paralysed by fear, not taking action because of self-doubt, overcoming our limiting beliefs, we somehow expect ourselves to figure it all out on our own.

When I hit, what can only be described as a very low point in my life I knew that something had to change and fast. When the life I had been building, the career I had invested my time and effort in, was all starting to look different, I knew that taking massive action was the only way I was going to start to rebuild my dreams. I just had no idea what that looked like or where to start.

It sounds so dramatic describing my situation, now that I can look back. Had I not trusted in my ability to figure things out and asked for help when I needed it, I would not be where I am today. 

I remember one of my friends saying to me every coach needs a coach and wondering what she meant by that. Now that I've done it I know. Investing in yourself is in my opinion, a game-changer.

When I look back at how far I have come over the last couple of years, I have no doubt that I would not have done what I have done as quickly, without the help of the coaches in my life.

I have added a couple of qualifications to my CV, gone through an entire body transformation process, started my own consultancy and written a book .. those are the tangible things. My mindset is different. I am stronger in mind and body. My relationships are better and my business is growing from strength to strength. I have also figured out how to take care of me. 

We all need a little help from time to time and that is nothing to be ashamed of.

In fact, it is THE THING that has catapulted my own development.

I discuss winning the inner game in more detail in my book, ROAR! How to tame the bully inside and out, due to be published later this year. Please head over here to read a bit more and fill in the form to stay in the loop. 

I also talk a bit more about my journey in my eBook, Reigniting Your Purpose, you can download it here

Is it time to win your inner game? Are you ready to take massive action to change the situation you are in?



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