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bullyproof Jan 13, 2021

Your BullyProof Life, my YouTube channel is back! 

Click here for the first episode of 2021

Meet Adam Pacifico who went from Barrister, to Met Police Cop, to Executive Educator. Today, Adam is the Chief Learning Officer of PCA. PCA is an award-winning global specialist in highly immersive and experiential learning for leaders across all levels, sectors and geographies. 

Find out what sparked Adam's passion for human-centred leadership, why it's the only kind of leadership that is going to fly in 2021, and what it takes to become a human-centred leader.   

We discuss personal resilience. Research for The Leader's Secret Codewhich Adam co-authored with Ian Mills, Mark Ridley and Ben Laker, identifies resilience as one of the seven core beliefs of top performing leaders (the other six are fulfilment, strategy, communication, influence, control and empowerment). Resilience is 'the ability to withstand tremendous pressure and spring back into shape.' Why do some people thrive under pressure while others get immobilised? Watch the full interview to find out. 

We touch on toxic work environments and Adam specifically talks about the potentially devastating impact of organisations tolerating a 'brilliant jerk.' I was very interested in what Adam had to say on the 'role of the role-model' and 'above the line' / 'below the line' behaviours.  I absolutely loved that he highlighted the critical importance of having psychological safety - bravo Adam! Click here to watch the full interview.

The bottom line?  Don't tolerate brilliant jerks!

Resilience is a team sport

Many organisations put the onus on individuals to be resilient - it's a key performance measure - but as Adam says: 'Resilience is a team sport.' Leaders have a responsibility to be vigilant, to pick-up on the weak signals (or the very very clear signals) that someone actually needs help. It cannot just be the individual's responsibility. It's about the power of the collective. And if we are dealing with someone, or an issue, that is wholly inappropriate - or is the toxin - it cannot just be down to one person.

Don't miss the conversation here. It's EPIC. 


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