The ultimate game of hide & seek ..

roar! tame the bully Oct 23, 2019

Finding your purpose in life can feel like you are playing a game of hide and seek.

You know the feeling I'm sure. Many of us don't know what our purpose is until we experience a moment in time that inspires us to take action. It's easy to think that the dream you have is impractical or impossible .. its human nature to seek out the easy path or to invent obstacles that prevent us from moving forward with our goals. We've all been there!

When I think back to my dream to be a successful career woman as a little girl it makes me smile because I remember how excited I felt at the prospect and I now know how long and winding the path has been to get there. 

We learn to play the game .. hide, watch, listen, don't breathe or you'll be found ..  oh the racing heartbeat, the hours of fun and the squeals of exhilaration when finding someone. I still smile thinking back to all those happy times growing up.

After qualifying as a CA and starting work, I very soon realised that I wanted to be the person who inspires others to greatness. The 'girl in the red shoes' .. you can read more about this in my eBook 'Reigniting Your Purpose' click here to download it now.

Little did I know that the seed sown all those years ago would grow into my High Performance Consultancy where I work with Cybersecurity Executives every day. 

My mission is to inspire teams and individuals to reach their full potential and achieve high performance, in other words, reach that next level of success, whilst maintaining positive relationships and happiness.

This is my purpose .. 

To live my best life and help others do the same ..

In my experience, the first step is the hardest, that's why we need to make it easier on ourselves. Asking for help will enable you to get honest about your current situation and there is something magical about telling someone what your life looks like today, step two is to get clear on where you want to be tomorrow, making sure this goal links to your purpose and then step three is to take massive action.

If you know your purpose then ensuring the steps you take are in alignment with it will inspire you to get up and go and to work tirelessly, continually without compromise taking steps towards your ultimate goal. I cover this in more detail in my book, ROAR! Taming the bully inside and out. To read more about it click here.

Question for you to ponder today is how close are you to living your best life? 

- Marilise


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