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perfect ten Oct 05, 2020

What can we learn from elite sport about psychology mastery? 

THE 'PERFECT' TEN is back this week with TOP SKILL #8 Psychology Mastery.

In my book 'ROAR! How to Tame the Bully Inside and Out', I have a Chapter (#6) called 'Win the Inner Game' - this is all about psychology mastery and I share how this helped me overcome my eating disorder some 20 years ago. The brain is so powerful - you have to control it otherwise it will control you.


We all face the F-word daily ... F - E - A - R ... and you know what FEAR stands for? False Evidence Appearing Real ... think about that for a moment.

And you know how to deal with it?


We are not talking here just about emotional intelligence, we are talking about emotional and mental FITNESS. Intelligence is a capability - you might have the capability (to be intelligent), you may know what to do, but it doesn't mean you are going to do it. Emotional and Mental FITNESS is a state of READINESS. 

When you are emotionally and mentally fit you are ready. 

"You have to feed and strengthen your mind daily. You have to stand guard at the door of your mind. The world is going to trigger you, but you have to get stronger. Feed your mind the right way."

Tony Robbins 

I am delighted to be joined by Kingsley Johnson and Annie Vernon this Weds, 30 Sept @ 12pm, where we will look at psychology mastery in the context of elite sport - how we can embed the psychology of elite sport in our own lives and our organisations. 

Kingsley Johnson is the founder and managing director of Kinetic PD, a training and consultancy company that helps organisations embed the psychology of elite sport in their teams, supporting leaders to develop high-performance cultures and drive behaviour change. 

Annie Vernon is a two-time World Champion and Olympic silver medallist rower, Annie’s passions lie in empowering others and understanding how they tick. As an athlete, she was fascinated by the inner workings of the mind and how that determined her physical performance, and since retiring she has taken this interest a giant leap further by publishing Mind Games, which won the General Outstanding Sports Writing Award at the 2020 Telegraph British Sport Book Awards.


We look forward to seeing you there !!


JOIN US LIVE on Wednesday 07 October @12pm! 

I am your host, Marilise de Villiers. I am a performance coach, best selling author and cyber security people & change consultant. I promote the integral role that people and workplace cultures play in creating a safe and inclusive digital economy.

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