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perfect ten Sep 14, 2020

The 'Perfect' Ten is back this week with Top Skill #5: Agility! Join me, Marilise de Villiers and my guests Andrea Darabos & Russ Lewis --- both business owners and experts in delivering large-scale digital transformations where they help organisations create agile ways of working. 


What is agility? 

The ability to work faster, think clearer and be adaptable 

The digital era is well and truly upon us and with this, brings a need to work and think differently in response to the pace of change. Agility is the skill that enables us to respond to this constant change, ideating and iterating solutions to solve problems better and faster. 

Andrea Darabos is an Agile Coach with a technology background. She's consults on large scale digital DevOps transformations in investment banking and retail banking. She believes that business can be a force for good and we all should be able to find work that energises, fulfils and motivates us. Andrea is co-author of the new book Agile People Principles: Your Call to Action for the Future of Work and you can frequently find her speaking at conferences, meetups and community of practice events. She is an active member of Agile People and the founder of a UK-based business transformation consultancy,

Russ "The Agiliser" Lewis is a Digital Transformation expert and Agile Coach. He’s performed IT turnarounds and transformation rescues as Interim CTO and management consultant. As a software engineer, he led the team that designed and built TfL’s contactless fares system. As a technical instructor and course author, he travelled the world and was regularly hired to consult for the organisations he taught. Russ runs Storm-Consulting, an IT management consulting practice that helps organisations improve their Business Agility. This approach to Agile involves co-creating ways of working that are 3X more effective.

I can't wait to chat to these two!



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