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perfect ten Oct 19, 2020

Whose fault was this?

In his 2017 Ted talk, Extreme Ownership, U.S. Navy Seal Jocko Willink shares how he had to prepare a debrief for his commanding officer (in the Spring of 2006 after a failed operation in the city of Ramadi, Iraq), to explain exactly what happened on the operation and what had gone wrong. He knew it meant that somebody had to pay; somebody had to be held accountable; somebody had to get fired for what had happened. In preparing for his debrief he detailed every mistake that was made and who made it - there was plenty of blame to go around, so many people that he could incriminate with guilt. However, 10 minutes before the debrief started he realised - and it hit him like a slap in the face - that there was only one person to blame. That day he took full responsibility and went on to explain the new tactics, techniques and procedures him and his men were going to implement to ensure such a travesty does not happen again. And guess what? He didn't get fired. He was trusted and respected even more. 

Jocko urges us all to take ownership. To take extreme ownership. Don't make excuses. Don't blame others. Get control of your ego. Don't hide your delicate pride from the truth. Take ownership of everything in your world - the good and the bad. Take ownership of your mission, your job, your team, your future, YOUR LIFE.

THE 'PERFECT' TEN is back this week with TOP SKILL #10 Accountability. Our final episode in this series.

I am delighted to be joined by two ex-military friends and ultimate gentlemen, Oz Alashe MBE and Dan Stanley this Weds, 21 Oct @ 12pm. We are going to share what personal accountability/responsibility/ownership mean to us. 


Dan Stanley is a father of two, award winning commando, national sporting champion, successful businessman and accomplished mindset and performance coach.  With over 15 years’ experience in developing potential, increasing performance and enabling success, Dan supports men that want to achieve and maintain success whilst living a life that is fulfilling, happy and balanced.

Oz Alashe MBE is the CEO and Founder at CybSafe, an innovative and fast-growing British cyber security and data analytics tech company. A former UK Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel, Oz is now focused on making society more secure by helping organizations effectively address the human aspect of cyber security. He is passionate about reducing societal threats to stability and security by making the most of opportunities presented through advancements in technology. Oz was made an MBE in 2010 for his personal leadership in the most complex of conflict environments.


We look forward to seeing you there !!


JOIN US LIVE on Wednesday 21 October @12pm! 

I am your host, Marilise de Villiers. I am a performance coach, best selling author and cyber security people & change consultant. I promote the integral role that people and workplace cultures play in creating a safe and inclusive digital economy.

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