perfect ten Oct 16, 2020

What will it take to become incredibly influential in your relationships and career?

I had the best time with with my guests - Louise Cartwright & Robert Coles - this week CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW and find out:

1. The interesting fact they have in common - it's very funny!
2. Who have influenced them the most in their lives and why
3. Who they've influenced / are influencing
4. The three things the world's best influencers all have in common. 

Here is a little more about Louise & Robert:

  • Louise Cartwright works to transform small business owners in to 6 figure CEOs so they can live a life of financial, time and location freedom. In her “past life” Louise was an overweight, depressed, single parent, claiming benefits and in substantial debt. Using the tools she now shares with her clients, Louise turned it around to become a 6 time triathlete, mindset expert, international coach and speaker. It is her passion to help others redefine their identity and create their Rich Life. ️
  • Robert Coles is the Director of Cumberland House Consulting Ltd, specialising in cyber security strategy, programme delivery and Non-Exec and Board Advisory roles. He is also an Honorary Professor at UCL and Visiting Professor at Royal Holloway, University of London. Robert has over 30 years of cybersecurity experience and has held a number of Chief Information Security Officer positions, including for the NHS and health and care system, GSK, National Grid and Merrill Lynch. Robert has extensive links with major industry information security networking groups and government security agencies. He was awarded a PhD in psychology by the University of Leeds for his work on the perceptions of information and IT risk and has published and presented on this and other topics.


I am your host, Marilise de Villiers. I am a performance coach, best selling author and cyber security people & change consultant. I promote the integral role that people and workplace cultures play in creating a safe and inclusive digital economy.

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