perfect ten Sep 07, 2020

REPLAY of week 4 of THE 'PERFECT' TEN now available on Your BullyProof Life, my YouTube channel - click here. I had a fascinating chat with Colette Pienaar about Physiology mastery - and the importance maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle and 'decompressing' daily. For me, physiology mastery is all about: 

  • How I show up every day - as a mom, a wife, a friend and a business leader - always striving to be the best version of me
  • Generating energy for life - through my exercise, nutrition - my two non-negotiables 

"The day I left my job - because of a bully - I was a breaking point. After about two weeks of staying in my pyjamas most days, one morning I forced myself to get up and out. I started going to the gym. It was hard in the beginning, but I instinctively knew (due to my history with an eating disorder), that I needed to take control of my nutrition and exercise first and foremost.  If rehab taught me one thing all those years ago, was to interrupt that downward spiral of self-destructive thoughts, feelings and habits. I was petrified of going back to that deep dark place. And then I met Colette, and my transformation journey was kick-started..."

You can read more in my book ROAR! How to Tame the Bully Inside and Out (see below).

Watch the full Episode 4: Physiology Mastery with my guest Colette Pienaar on YouTube >> click here

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