Living your best life

book launch Feb 11, 2020

In this video, I talk about living your best life and share about a couple of models I have developed that underpin my book.

Over the 12th & 13th of February, I will be running a book promotion where you can get the kindle version of ROAR! How to tame the bully inside and out for .99p - there will be a very special invite offered for those of you who do.

And if you simply can't wait you can easily get your hands on Chapter ONE, click on the link below.

- Marilise

"When given the choice between being right and being kind choose kind" - WONDER, the movie


Get your hands on Chapter ONE of my recently published book,

ROAR! How to tame the bully inside and out

Become a part of the workplace kindness revolution.


I'm so excited that you are here! Here is chapter one of my recently published book ROAR! How to tame the bully inside and out. It will give you a flavour of the book and set the scene. I share my personal experience with you and I hope if nothing else it inspires you to take steps towards living your best life. 



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