Are you spinning too many plates?

ignite you Nov 09, 2020

... and do you know which plates are porcelain, paper or plastic? 

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A few nights ago, at 1am in the morning, a good friend replied to my WhatsApp message "You well?"… she said: "Yep, mostly. Feel like there are lots of plates spinning"... To which I replied: "Make sure you're taking care of the porcelain plates, the paper and plastic ones won't break unless you tear them up or snap them in half."

This reminded me of a previous blog where I shared Bryan Dyson's analogy of life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. Juggling with family, health, friends and spirit being the glass balls and work being the rubber ball. If you drop it, it will always bounce back. 

In 2017 I had a successful corporate career, yet was burned out, exhausted and missing out on life with my family - my relationship with Heinie (my husband) and the boys were hanging by a thread. So much of my identity was invested in  being a career woman -- I was so blinded by my ambition, and so determined to prove myself -- that I didn't see just how much I was neglecting myself and the people closest to me. In hindsight, I can now see how the price I was paying in damages to my health, relationships and happiness was waaaay to high. Three years ago, I left my corporate job, and started to rebuild my life. Today I am the founder & CEO of MdVB Consulting. I am a Mindset & Performance Coach, Best-selling Author and People & Change Leader.

I am determined to create a deeply balance life that is also highly successful, and I've  created a blueprint for how I changed my life around. It's called IGNITE YOU: Discover the power of your voice. It’s specifically aimed at helping the aspiring female executive to:

  1. Ignite (or reignite) your authentic purpose
  2. Develop a winning mindset (psychology mastery)
  3. Get energy for life (physiology mastery)
  4. Speak your truth, face difficult conversations head-on

I am so excited to share it with you! I'll be running a 45 mins masterclass on 20 Nov @ 12pm. Click HERE to register.

Whether you're juggling too many balls or spinning too many plates, please be aware that you're playing a dangerous game. Don't make the same mistakes I made - your health and your loved ones are way too precious. 

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