This week has been an eye opener ..

roar! tame the bully Dec 06, 2019

You may recall that last week I wrote about finding your superpower and how I was learning gratitude for not only my past or the anticipation of what the future holds but for my immediate moment. 

Well, this week has been a test of that for me. 

I sent a document off for its final review this week. The entire process has been a long and challenging journey for me, so when I pressed send I felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

30 minutes later however I felt like I had failed ..

My changes were challenged. I felt like my request was being dismissed. I found myself questioning my ability to get the job done. Wondering where I would find the energy needed to continue to finish this.

The conversation I was having with myself, took me back to the days when I was continually criticised and made to feel like the work I was doing, wasn't good enough. 

I recognised this pattern immediately and had to stop myself from reliving the past.

'Be grateful for that lesson' I told myself, .. 'because without it you wouldn't be here able to step into your superpower, to operate from your most authentic self and get the job done.'

I recognised that my people-pleasing nature was the driver here, never wanting to disappoint anyone, feeling responsible for how others feel, apologising, not saying no, doing my best to avoid conflict and just sucking it up. 

On reflection, I find myself filled with gratitude for my journey so far and really excited about what the future holds, especially the imminent publication of my book,

ROAR! How to tame the bully inside and out (click the link to find out more)

Not to mention all the amazing things I am planning to help and support you to live your best life. 

This week I recognised that the story in my book and the lessons I share are the experiences that have helped me grow as an individual. Experience in life continues to be my catalyst for personal development, something I am passionate about and don't hesitate to invest in. 

Living and breathing what I teach every day and applying what I have learned is helping me live my best life and step into my most authentic self. Every day is another leg of the journey and I am so excited! I can't wait to share it all with you.

What have you done this week to invest in yourself?



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