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Why purpose is key to living your best life

bullyproof Jan 27, 2021
  • Do you know what your life's purpose is? 

  • Are you connected to it? 

If you have a desire to life your best life, one that is not only successful, but also full of meaning and happiness, then this episode is for you! 

How to live your best life by connecting to your purpose and unleashing your inner power

I had the pleasure of interviewing Karsten Alva-Jorgensen recently and we talked about PURPOSE. Karsten is an international human behavioural specialist, teacher, coach and speaker. His mission is to empower people to live their inspired life through connecting with their purpose and inner power. He loves spending time with his two adopted children.

This interview is a masterclass on how to connect with your unique PURPOSE and I highly recommended that you watch it - and study it - so grab a pen and notebook to capture and apply the learnings straight away. WIN-WIN!

Karsten highlights that there are different elements to your purpose:

  • Your intent and objectives - what are the results you're after?
  • Even more powerful is your WHY - the meaning behind your intent. 

Our WHY is also what makes our purpose unique - it rises from the things we uniquely value and what we value are literally the things we assign meaning, assign our worth to. 


Our purpose is born out of our biggest challenges, there are two sayings that I always remind myself of when the going gets tough: 

1. "Your best life is on the other side of your biggest obstacle."

2. "Your mess becomes your message."

In this interview Karsten also helps us understand what our innate human needs are and how those play into how we view this world and show up in it. Also, how our needs and priorities change over the course of our lives, and linking it back to purpose. 

He highlights what individuals can do to connect with their purpose, and also challenges leaders to take time to deeply understand the experience their employees have had (e.g. what's changed in their perception of who they are, their relationship with the workplace etc). Leaders who don't have these conversations will risk of losing some of their very best people. The human-centric leaders who deeply connect with their people and respond proactively - by allowing a greater sense of meaning and purpose for their people - will be the winners.


Call to action

Do this next: 

  • Think about a time when you were on purpose ... How did you feel? How did you walk? How did you talk? What did you do? 
  • Now think about a time when you were off purpose ...How did you feel? How did you walk? How did you talk? What did you do? 
  • Take a moment to notice and reflect on the differences

When you are on purpose, you awake the executive centre of your brain, which means you are more consistent, more reliable, more organised, more certain, confident, creative and inspired. You show up as your best self!

Please take care of your needs, do the work to reflect on what's meaningful and purposeful for you, start to take small actions to increase that in your life, and you will feel and do so much better.

Your best life awaits!

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