75% of workers will either be a target, witness bullying, or both.

ROAR! is where where we shine a spotlight on workplace bullying - today’s silent epidemic.

Each podcast, blog and YouTube episode will explore how targets can bullyproof themselves, and how leaders and managers can Bullyproof their organisations.



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Winning hearts & minds - a dark art?

Nov 26, 2021

Re-defining grief for the real world with Dipti Tait

Oct 01, 2021

Are you heading towards burnout?

Aug 06, 2021

Fix toxic security culture before it kills innovation

Jun 29, 2021

ROAR! the Masterclass

Your best life is on the other side of your biggest obstacle. If you are ready to face it - no matter what - then this masterclass is right for you.

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ROAR! the Book

Dealing with a bully can be a slippery slope. Most people either keep quiet or leave quietly, so the abuser gets away with it - time and time again.

This book aims to inspire readers with the confidence and courage to speak up and find their ROAR!

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