You are a leader ~ we all are ~ are you a liberated leader?

🦁💥I had a stunning conversation with Ali Stewart and Kate Turner!💥🦁

Ali’s purpose is to help every leader on this planet make ‘developing people’, their number one priority. Kate wants to shift the paradigm of motivation and leadership in the workplace.

At ROAR! We are passionate about people living successful, fulfilled and healthy lives - yo don't have to sacrifice your health and happiness at the expense of success (however you define it). It's about making your WHOLE life work.

Embrace this episode from the perspective of "I am a leader and I have the potential to be a liberated leader."

We have a closer look at Liberating Leadership, a proven methodology (four-step leadership process) that is taught to leaders and practitioners worldwide. I am a liberating leadership practitioner myself and I love its central mindset of "High Challenge and High Support" - which Ali, who is also the founder of the Liberating Leadership accrediting body, explains beautifully in this episode. We also dive deeper into courageous conversations  and the central mindset of "I'm OK, you're OK"- true leaders are unafraid to show up authentically and speak their truth. In fact, this is what my ROAR! Blueprint is all about: living your life on purpose, in your power and with the courage to speak your truth - I introduce my ROAR! Blueprint in my recent TEDx talk (this is the transcript, the talk will be in YouTube in a few weeks' time).

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