Navigate Toxic Situations And Find The Courage To Take Action To Build Your Best Life

In my masterclass you'll discover ..

  • 3 things you can do to take steps towards living your BEST life immediately!
  • My simple ROAR! strategy for building your best LIFE
  • How to AVOID the costly mistakes most people make when they feel STUCK in a TOXIC environment that can lead to burnout and EXACTLY how to prioritise yourself the right way!
  • THE #1 MINDSET Hack YOU NEED to master so you show up as that next evolution OF YOU, facing the fear to overcome it and to THRIVE no matter what!

Are you miserable in a job you love because of a bully boss?

Are you bullying yourself?

Do you wish you could get up every morning feeling fulfilled, doing what you love, and living your best life?

In the videos below, I share my story, as captured in my book: 

ROAR! How to Tame the Bully Inside and Out

VIDEO 1: Introducing ROAR!

I share in this video more about my book and how it came about. 


VIDEO 2: More about my research

I share in this video why I felt it was important to run a study as part of my research for the book. I also talk about my findings. 


VIDEO 3: The Narcissism Spectrum

To fully understand the topic of workplace bullying I had to become an expert on the topic. What I discovered about narcissism may surprise you as it did me.


VIDEO 4: The Inner Bully 

Writing this chapter was an eye opener for me, I had to get really honest and understand how my past experiences contributed to the way I behaved and reacted in the present.


VIDEO 5: Living Your Best Life

In this video, I talk about living your best life and share about a couple of models I have developed that underpin my book. 



This is the last of my six short training videos where I tell you a little more about my book, ROAR! How to tame the bully inside and out.