Understand the cyber attacker mindset

ROAR! welcomes Sarah Armstrong Smith to talk about all things cyber, and to promote her latest book, Understand the cyber attacker mindset.

ROAR! cares deeply about people’s wellbeing - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We know that adversity forms part of everybody’s story, and we love sharing stories of courageous people who turned their ‘mess’ into their message. And it feels extra special when that message helps to fight all forms of abuse, in this case cybercrime, to make the world a safer place for all.

Sarah is a phenomenal human being and absolute rockstar in the cybersecurity industry. It was a great honour for me to interview her recently about her latest book, Understand the cyber attacker mindset, which launching this coming Monday - 4 March!

To get your sneak preview of what Sarah’s book is all about, hop over to YouTube to watch our conversation.

Sarah not only goes deep into how a fraudster’s mind work, she also delves further into the principles of human emotions, motivators and levels of morality which can differ based on an individual’s personal belief system, social dynamics and culture. She calls this the seven sins of attackers, and use the seven ‘cardinal sins’, first referred to by the Roman Catholic church in the fourth century as a way of teaching morality and ethics and the consequences of our decisions and actions. Absolutely fascinating stuff.

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I absolutely loved this conversation. Thank you, Sarah, for joining me, it was an honour interviewing you. You’re a legend! I took away so many golden nuggets, and my biggest ‘aha moment’ was how we always have the power available to us to change our perception – to look at things from different vantage point to get a better appreciation for other people’s beliefs, motivations, and actions. As the late Dr Wayne Dyer famously said: ‘If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’

To get your sneak preview of what Sarah’s book is all about, hop over to YouTube to watch our conversation.

Until next time, live your purpose, stand in your power and have courage to speak truth – to ROAR!

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About Sarah

Sarah’s had a long and impactful career in business continuity, disaster recovery, cybersecurity and crisis management. Currently the Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft, Sarah acts as executive sponsor to strategic and major customers across Europe. Sarah is a trained PR spokesperson and international keynote speaker. She talks passionately about the human aspects of cybersecurity, and building trust and transparency through effective crisis management.

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-armstrong-smith/