Liberate Your Greatness

ROAR! welcomes John Roussot to our very first podcast for 2024

ROAR! cares deeply about people’s wellbeing - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We know that adversity forms part of everybody’s story, and we love sharing stories of courageous people – like John – who transformed his adversity, the loss of his parents at a young age, into a powerful, mission-driven message: ‘Liberate your greatness.’ John vulnerably shares how his parents died with their greatness still inside them. Absolutely heart-wrenching, and so incredibly courageous.

To unlock your full potential and liberate your greatness hop over to YouTube to watch our conversation.

Too many of us walk the tightrope between pressure to perform and fighting fatigue from not prioritising our wellbeing. We literally work through burnout and sacrifice our work-life balance to get ahead in our careers. But there is another way, and it starts with you. It starts with you liberating your greatness. In this podcast John shares over 22 years of wisdom, also captured in his #1 Amazon best-selling book: ‘Liberate your greatness: Accelerate your growth. Achieve your goals faster. Amplify your impact.’ Here is a summary of his signature framework:

  • Awareness: all pro-active change starts with awareness
  • Alignment: with your purpose, mission, values, objectives, goals
  • Action: with great awareness and great alignment your action is laser focused
  • Accountability: someone to hold you accountable to show up daily and do the work, to summon the best of who you are
  • Amplify: by leading people, managing systems, and using your influence for good
  • Accelerate: innovate, communicate, collaborate, and co-create to accelerate

I absolutely loved this conversation. Thank you, John, for joining me, it was an honour interviewing you. You’re a legend! I took away so many golden nuggets, and my favourite take-away is ‘to master the fundamentals.’

To unlock your full potential and liberate your greatness hop over to YouTube to watch our conversation.

Until next time, live your purpose, stand in your power and have courage to ROAR!

Much love,


John kindly gifted you copy of his success journal, which you can download here.

About John

John Roussot is the founder and CEO – chief excellence officer – of FiiT4GROWTH, a renowned business coaching and online training platform that helps individuals and organisations unlock their full potential. He has more than twenty-two years of experience in coaching, mentoring and guiding people towards personal and professional success, establishing himself as a multi-award-winning business coach and leadership development trainer. Passionate about empowering others, John has worked with individuals, teams and businesses in thirty-three countries. He synthesises global best practices into easy-to-understand frameworks, strategies and tools to help people achieve lasting, holistic success in their personal and professional lives.