Creating safe spaces for CISOs to build communities

🎙️🦁 ROAR! hears from the roarsome CISO Alliances duo, Leigh Thomas and James Smith, who are on a mission to create valuable, candid networking platforms for senior executives across multiple industries. Listen to the podcast to find out more 🦁🎙️

Alliance = “A union formed for mutual benefit”.

CISO Alliances = A platform for CISOs to collaborate and learn - to candidly share their experiences and move the industry forward with tangible outcomes.

“If fulfilment can be achieved with a community build, build it as a union formed for mutual benefit” - Leigh

"I'm passionate about pushing forward the industry as a whole and making a difference. Providing a platform for CISO's that they trust and feel comfortable within - a safe space if you will - to be able to freely express their views and share their experiences" - James 

About Leigh

Leigh is the founder of Alliance Media Group. A seeker of the ideal and passionate about achieving it. Leigh is from a Customer Service background working in the Entertainment and Leisure industry which has followed him through his career of working in B2B across enterprise IT, Information & Cyber Security, Oil & Energy & Mining industries. Leigh is directly responsible for the CIO & CISO Alliances in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Nairobi.

About James

James is the director of The CISO Alliances within the UK&I. James uses his experience in customer care to build a community with a personal touch, something that is not often found in the industry. For so long it's been a given that we should just passively listen to vendors sales pitches, but being able to give the community a platform for their voices to be heard and for them to say 'we are the front line guys and girls, you need to listen to us', is paramount. 

Conversation highlights:

  • We discuss how CISO Alliances is a safe space for CISOs to freely express their views and share their experiences and why this is so important. 
  • We talk about some of the biggest challenges that CISOs face in the workplace, including the issue of CISO stress and burnout.
  • We look at the importance for having a community in which CISOs and other c-level executives and IT decision-makers feel comfortable sharing their views and experiences - and how a personal touch benefits these industries.  

Listen to the podcast to find out more!

I absolutely loved this conversation. Thank you Leigh & James for joining me and sharing your passions and insights - I am excited about the work you're doing in this space. Keep going guys 🦁🧡💫 

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