Six Success Secrets: Building your resilience muscle in today's hectic world.

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                     "Think to yourself - if I was to stop tomorrow, what wouldn't be there for people?
                                                             What use is everything I do?"

Jenny Radcliffe 

 About Jenny

Jenny is a rockstar in cyber security. She is a world-renowned social engineer, a go-to expert on the human element of security scams, cons and hacks. She has appear on numerous podcasts, television and radio shows. Jenny was recently selected as Infosecurity Europe's Hall of Fame inductee for 2022. Jenny is a truly roarsome human all round. 

A few highlights from the conversation: 

  • We discuss the 6 secrets of success, especially the importance of rest and taking time out for yourself - something that is not negotiable in todays hectic world. 
  • We look at the importance of setting boundaries - both invisible and physical boundaries - that are targeted by cyber criminals and bullies constantly. 

  • We talk about cybersecurity and the importance of it being a safe space for everyone to thrive and be at their best.

And so much more... do not miss this interview!

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