Choose to challenge the status quo

Bullyproof hears how Donna Herdsman found her ROAR, and why she's choosing to challenge businesses to make equity and equality a reality.

"It's like getting a thousand paper cuts. Imagine you get one of those every single day. These cuts never get a chance to truly heal ... the real impact is the stress and the trauma that goes with having a thousand cuts that never really close." Donna

Donna is a dear friend and stunning role-model for women in business. I couldn't think of anyone better to invite as my guest for this International Women's Day special. The theme is Choose To Challenge; PERFECT, as I am all about people and organisations finding their ROAR. We can only start to change the status quo if we speak up about the things that get in the way, like bullying behaviour. It takes great courage to speak up and it comes with making ourselves deeply vulnerable in the process. Easier said than do, I know! 

When you connect with your personal power, and when you find the inner strength and courage to speak up - about the things that matter to you, and I mean deeply matter - that's when you find your ROAR. You turn your thoughts, feelings, words and actions into your four superpowers.

In this interview, Donna ROARs! She does not shy away from the things that get in the way of individuals and organisations thriving.

Donna also talks about the importance of psychological safety. And leaders' duty of care to create safe and inclusive spaces where everyone can thrive, we people feel safe i.e. where they are unafraid to speak-up and challenge the status quo. A great resource referenced by Donna is Adam Grant's latest book, Think Again.

Oh, and find out what Donna keeps an imaginary bucket for ;-)

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