The root of her son’s gaming addiction

🎙️💥 Bullyproof hears from the esteemed Linda Duberley, a news presenter, media trainer, award winning journalist and proud mom of three. 🎙️💥

In this interview Linda tells me about her eldest son Connor’s struggles with online gaming addiction and how he turned his life around. 

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It was by no means a quick turnaround, Linda compares it to a Williams turn, which is when an ocean liner has to turn around in the middle of a big stretch of water. The pivotal turning point came when Connor went to a college called MPW, where a teacher started to help him on a 1:1 basis to write essays properly. That’s when Linda knew that he started to trust adults, figures in authority, again. Ironically, Connor’s problems were also previously fuelled by a particular teacher’s behaviour (amongst other things) towards him.

It just goes to show how teachers can literally ‘make or break’ students.

LINDA'S TOP ADVICE TO PARENTS:Start young. It starts at birth, you have to form a really strong and healthy attachment with your baby.   

Take your own ego out of the situation and you have to concentrate on what's best for your child. If you form the right kind of attachment with them when they are babies, then at will give you the ground work. It will hopefully give you an unbreakable thread so that when you do hit the road bumps, which are inevitable for everyone, that line of communication is strong enough to help you power through various difficulties.

LINDA'S TOP PRODUCTIVITY TIP: She spends the first 30 minutes of her day thinking about life, thinking about the challenges ahead and focusing on what she can knock off her list that day, what she can achieve. This gives her a sense of power and dynamism.

It’s about making your whole life work, not just your actual work, so it’s you’re your job, advanced hobby, beliefs and your family and friends - the circle that you exist within, the circle that makes you tick.

This was a wonderful conversation. Linda, thank you for sharing your story with me. What a ROAR! This conversation helped me so much and is going to help so many people.

🧡🦁 It's time to find your ROAR! 🦁🧡