Wellbeing through a male lens & being a female ally

🎙️🌿 Bullyproof hears from digital wellness coach Hannah Tufts ... we explore mental and emotional wellbeing through a male lens and what it takes to be a female ally.  🌿🎙️

This week (15th-21st June 2021) the world celebrates Men’s Health Week. It's an opportunity to bring awareness to health issues that affect men disproportionately and focuses on getting men to become aware of problems they may have or could develop, and gain the courage to do something about it.

Both Hannah and I want ALL men - our dads, partners, colleagues and youngsters - to feel like it’s OK to talk about their health issues - in particular mental and emotional health - not just push them to the side and ignore health problems away!

"Sometimes resilience means curling up in a ball under your duvet and looking after yourself for a day. When you need it, that is resilience. Resilience isn't always going out there with your A-game on."Hannah Tufts


About Hannah

Hannah is the owner of Exhale Global, she's a Cyber Security awareness specialist, content marketing strategist and digital well-being coach. Hannah has now settled in Spain with her partner and is mum to a two-year-old toddler and mini-dachshund. Hannah is a super self-motivated individual that thrives under pressure and she's on a mission to get creative with neuroscience as a way of affecting behaviour change - in particular as it relates to how we use tech to our advantage instead of becoming slaves to it. You can get in touch with Hannah here. 

A few highlights from the conversation: 

  • Variety is the spice of life for Hannah who wears many hats.
  • Understanding how the brain works - the neuroscience - is vital in changing behaviour.
  • Cyber security forms an integral part of your digital life - your are reliant on tech and being connected and with that comes being secure.
  • Pandemic silver lining: more and more men are opening up (instead of bottling up) - we are normalising the conversation around mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • It's OK not to be OK. It's OK to say it out loud. Ask for help - more and more men are doing it.
  • Pandemic downside: we've seen a rise in bullying (or 'below the line') behaviour. Know that hurtful behaviour comes from a place of hurt.
  • We've all been in survival mode for a long time and unfortunately we've not done so well on triggering our happy hormones (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins)... but that OK. It's OK not to be OK.  
  • Be kinder to yourself and know that it is safe to speak up and explain why, what is going on. The worst thing to do is to put on a front - it's defensive and doesn't invite open and honest conversations.
  • It starts with self-awareness. Get honest. Hold the mirror up and be honest about what you're thinking and feeling and why.
  • Be open to the fact that we all have a different truth, be open to the possibility that you may not be right. Be curious about others' perspectives. Be curious, not furious.
  • Self-compassion is vital... When facing difficult conversations, have positive regard for yourself and for the other person. Have a mindset of "I'm OK, you're OK"... this will set you up for success.
  • Men are up against a lot of societal pressures to behave in a certain way and contain their emotions. As female allies we must recognise that there are a great list of things men a juggling that we've not talked about and we've not given space for in the past.
  • Build your resilience muscle - your mental and physical stamina - daily. Self-care is a necessity, not a luxury. 

🧡🦁 Have you found your ROAR! 🦁🧡