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Get absolute clarity on your purpose.
Design a life you love.


Silence your inner bully.  Find the courage to speak your truth. Face difficult conversations head-on.


Stand in your power. Build your resilience. Positively influence yourself and others.  


  • Be able to define workplace bullying and narcissism
  • Be familiar with the toxic trio and their traits
  • Spot the signs that you're dealing with a bully
  • Be able to recognise your inner bully
  • Be familiar with the ROAR! Blueprint - for living your best life
  • Be familiar with the four-step ROAR! Process - for having a difficult conversation 
  • Feel inspired to find your ROAR!




I was at a very low stage in my life and career, I came across this masterclass. It  immediately resonated with me and I realised it was time to make a change. This ROAR! masterclass inspired me to take that very important first step.

Marilise is an inspiration! 

Senior Manager, Big Four Accounting Firm

ROAR! the Blueprint

Designed to help you ignite your purpose, reclaim your personal power and turn your thoughts, feelings, words and actions into your four superpowers.

It's time to find your ROAR!

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ROAR! the Book

Dealing with a bully can be a slippery slope. Most people either keep quiet or leave quietly, so the abuser gets away with it - time and time again.

This book aims to inspire readers with the confidence and courage to speak up and find their ROAR!

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A podcast and YouTube channel that shines a spotlight on workplace bullying - today’s silent epidemic. Come along to find out how targets can bullyproof themselves, and how leaders and HR can bullyproof their organisations. It's time to find your ROAR!

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