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Here are a few PRAISE quotes from my closest peers, friends and mentors, people who have read ROAR! and provided me with feedback. I am so incredibly grateful to all who have walked this path with me. This is what they say...


LT COL (Retd) OZ ALASHE, MBE, CEO and Founder of CypSafe

‘This is a bold, positive and impactful book that pulls no punches. It shines a light on an issue many suffer with in silence: workplace bullying. It is an issue almost all of us have witnessed, if not been affected by in some way, shape or form. ROAR! doesn’t just deal with the external challenges people face but addresses the all-important internal challenges too. In doing so, it champions kindness, consideration for others, high performance and positive drive. These are all traits we need in greater measure across society. This book can help us all."



CEO, Intelligent Ethics

‘Full to bursting with compelling stories, practical tips and constructive nudges, ROAR! creates a world where you can flourish and be whomever you want to be – led by the ultimate role model in inspiration and creativity herself, Marilise de Villiers. Be kind and give yourself permission to be the best version of you. Embrace the energy, experience and warmth offered in this book. We all need to hear our ROAR.’

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Partner, PwC

‘If you hold an aspiration to live your best life then Marilise is the perfect guide to help you on your way. This wonderfully digestible book will help you see yourself and those around you. It will give you the power to evolve towards a kinder, stronger, more compassionate self, not just for you but for everyone.



CEO, Layer 8

‘A business book that captivates you like the best novel. This is a must read for any business person struggling because they are being bullied, or to ensure they do not unintentionally become the bully. I enjoyed the sound and practical advice and understanding of what makes a bully a bully!’


COLETTE PIENAAR, FOUNDER, Transformation Coach, The GODDESS Academy

‘Choosing to follow the path of our best life is what Marilise encourages us to do. In ROAR! she gives us an honest account of overcoming a very difficult situation. We all have a starting point, a pivotal moment in our lives where we choose to step up, play a bigger game, be brave and follow our heart. ROAR! is a story of how to do this with passion, purpose and commitment.

Marilise shines a light on this emotive topic brilliantly, sharing her experiences and life lessons to help us tame the bully. Don’t try to ‘eat the elephant’ in one go; follow her step-by-step model and let her show you how to trust in your ability to figure things out, and how to commit to living your best life. I hope you find this book as inspirational as I have.’


AUDRA SIMONS, DIRECTOR, Forcepoint Innovation Labs

‘Reading ROAR! was like inhaling oxygen – stimulating my mind and raising my emotions. The book inspires the understanding that it is not about the bully that attacks us, or being the victim enabled by our self-criticism, or the culture that causes it to flourish. It is about overcoming adversity. It is about accepting ourselves, choosing to be the best self we can be and loving the one we are.’

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